Like the Masters (?)

Oil Painting

My experiences + struggles with a new medium

Oil painting is one of the oldest and most popular mediums out there.

Oil has been the most consistently and widely used medium in the tradition of Western painting. Its use in Europe dates from at least the 12th century A.D.; however, the clarity and precision in color and three-dimensional form that the medium enabled was mastered by Dutch painters such as Jan Van Eyck in the 15th century. (source)

But it is far from the easiest medium to use…

My experience with oils was short lived and not necessarily productive. I felt like I had taken a huge step back in my progress as an artist. I had been developing a style that lended itself towards illustration, a fast-paced production, and simplicity. Everything I learned about painting with oils went completely against all of this.

Although I saw (and still see) this period as a low point in my artistic development, I am now able to look back on it and see it as a learning experience.

I learned what I could and could not achieve

I learned about myself as an artist

I learned about my work ethic

I learned from my fellow classmates

I learned A LOT about patience

If you are trying to take on a new medium, expand your artistic vocabulary, or are just doing something different, don’t let negativity cloud your judgement. Don’t let it keep you from creating art or doing what you enjoy.

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